Million Dollar Fitness supporting Jamie's Journey

This might be a little uncomfortable ?

I want you to think about yourself, your family and close friends for just a moment.

Have any of those people (or you) ever had or been affected by Cancer? I suspect the answer is “yes” and, sadly, I bet there’s more than one.

You’ve probably watched as someone went from diagnosis, to “treatment” to wasting away physically and mentally.

And some of those precious friends or family probably never recovered.

It’s downright frightening when you think about it. 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will get Cancer in their lifetime.

You know how I’ve been doing 100 Days of Random Kindness and for October we’re going all out at Million Dollar Fitness to fundraise? Well we’ve teamed up with Jamie’s Journie to help raise funds for local children fighting cancer. Jamie’s own story is inspirational to say the least and I’m thrilled to be able to support him.

Check out Jamie’s Facebook page here >>>

So here’s what I/Million Dollar Fitness have planned to date:
Pledge My Pounds: 5th – 31st October
For every lb each member loses, I’m donating £1 and these amazing girls have pledged forfeits if they don’t hit their weight loss target.
Errigal Climb Sunday 25th October (weather permitting).. bring your whole family, raise some money and get involved in our Top Of Errigal ‪#‎RandomBurpee‬
Coffee Morning Sat 31st October … ALL hands on deck for this. I’d LOVE you to come along  ! My girls at Million Dollar are totally organising and baking for this one –  Martha Stewart I am not!!

Pledge My Pounds will have ended so they’ll be having a wee treat themselves no doubt.
RAFFLE – This is the BIG ONE that I need your help with.

Can YOU donate a prize for our raffle ?

Or maybe you know somebody who could?

Winners will be announced at our coffee morning

Please, please share this with your friends and family to help support Jamie as much as possible


I know I can count on you

Together we are AWESOME and a force to be reckoned with

Dee xx


PS – If you want a sponsor sheet for the Errigal Climb let me know 🙂