Today I’m hoping to motivate you to take action.

I understand the frustrations that you have when it comes to you body.

I know all about your insecurities over the size of your bum and how hopeless things can feel.

The answer to your frustrations is to get YOU up off the sofa and into the gym, day after day OR at least walking

So here’s my RAK #44 in bullet form—21 rewards that you will gain from regular exercise.

Do yourself a massive favor – print this list and post it where you’ll see it every day. When you can’t be bothered getting off your a***,  when you need motivation or encouragement ….read over this list and take action.
Remember that action alleviates anxiety.

So whenever you’re feeling depressed over the current shape of your body, take that as a reminder to jump into action.
And then begin to reap these 21 rewards of exercise…

1. You’ll reset your body: Exercise has been described as a giant reset button. A good workout will block appetite swings, improve your mood and even help you sleep.

2. Your clothes will fit better: Consistent exercise will tone and tighten your body, causing your clothes to not only fit better but to also look nicer. Keep it up and you’ll be trading your clothes in for smaller sizes.

3. You’ll be less stressed: You have enough stress in your life— give yourself a break. A good workout invigorates your muscles, leaving you relaxed and less stressed.

4. You’ll have more energy:  Next time you feel exhausted, fight it with the most powerful tool available: exercise.

5. You’ll be stronger: Exercise improves muscle strength and endurance, two things that you use throughout each day. When you exercise consistently you’ll be pleasantly surprised when difficult tasks begin to seem easy….. And NO, you won’t turn into Arnie just because you lift a few weights

6. You’ll be less likely to binge: Exercise has a powerful anti-binge effect on your body. Due in part to an increase in sensitivity to leptin, (a hormone, which has an appetite-taming effect)

7. You’ll burn calories: You know that excess body fat is made up of stored and unused calories. Fight back by burning loads of calories with fat-blasting workouts.

8. You’ll be more confident: Who doesn’t wish they walked and talked with more confidence???  A consistent exercise program will do just that. As your body becomes more fit, watch your confidence sky-rocket.

9. You’ll have fun: Believe it or not, exercise can be extremely enjoyable. Remember how fun it was when you were a kid? Tap into your inner child and find some type of exercise that gets you excited.

10. You’ll reduce your blood pressure: Exercise has been proven more effective than medication in reducing blood pressure to normal levels. A single workout has been shown to reduce blood pressure for the day and regular exercise reduces overall blood pressure in the long run.

11. You’ll lose the jiggles: Regular exercise tightens flabby arms, legs and waistlines. So wave goodbye to the jiggles with a solid exercise program.

12. You’ll increase insulin sensitivity: Researchers have discovered that exercise improved insulin sensitivity dramatically. Peak after-meal insulin levels dropped by more than 20 percent after as little as 3 weeks of consistent exercise.

13. You’ll sleep better: Do you toss and turn for hours before falling asleep? Exercise is a powerful sleep aid. Your tired muscles encourage your body to quickly fall asleep so they can get their overnight repair work done.

14. You’ll lower your risk of heart disease: Regular exercise strengthens your heart and makes it more resilient against disease. A sedentary lifestyle is a major risk factor for heart disease, so rest assured that consistent exercise is your ally against disease.

15. You’ll feel great: Vigorous exercise releases natural endorphins (happy hormones) into your blood stream that dissolve pain and anxiety. You’ve probably heard of ‘runner’s high’, this can be achieved by any great workout.

16. You’ll lower your risk of diabetes: Studies show that exercising as little as half an hour each day can dramatically reduce your risk of diabetes. If you are at risk of diabetes, or already have diabetes, regular exercise is the most effective treatment for reversing the disease.

17. You’ll meet cool people: You could benefit from a group of new, energetic friends, right? Gyms are great places to connect with fun new friends. Ask any of my girls at Million Dollar Fitness

18. You’ll improve your BMI: You know that maintaining a healthy BMI is key in disease prevention. Exercise is the best way to keep your BMI under control.

19. You’ll increase your endurance: Do you ever get out of breath when walking up stairs or through the car park? Regular exercise builds your endurance for everyday activities.

20. Your doctor will be impressed: How many times has your doctor given you the lecture about losing weight and exercising more? Exercise regularly and get your GP off your case!

21. You’ll look AMAZING: Are you happy with the shape and size of your body? Regular exercise works wonders on your physique. Within a few weeks you’ll see shape and tone in all the right places. At Million Dollar Fitness, average weight loss is 12 – 14lb with the same coming off in inches

Bottom Line?
Exercise works

Are you ready to alleviate your anxiety by taking action?

Hit reply and let me know YOU’RE gonna take ownership of your body TODAY
You need to own this RAK – I know it isn’t always easy but as long as you want to change, I’ll be YOUR best cheerleader
Dee x
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