AWESOME , you’re still with me!!!

That means YOU do have a heart 🙂


Act Of Kindness #1 is a really simple one to do ….

Today I’m gonna reach out and say thanks to my postman


In everybody’s lives, there are loads of people who we see on a daily basis, but don’t necessarily acknowledge them because they have become so much a part of our everyday routine

It might be the person who drives your bus every day, or someone who serves you at the Post Office or M&S…. Think how many people you come into contact with and take for granted!!!


I’m high-fiving my postie because he braves all kinds of weather to make sure I get my mail – ok, he fires it through the letterbox and then runs like F*** before the door starts heaving with the weight of my two furballs Trigger and Bear behind it. Trigger – my giant lab – freaks him out because he flips the letterbox lid up and actually peers out through to see who it is….. that poor man!!!!


We don’t always stop to think about how important these people actually are to us. So when you get the chance, give these people the recognition they deserve!


Who are YOU going to reach out to today

#teammilliondollar  #randomkindness

p.s you’re gonna love day 100 if you stick around that long …